• Laundry Booster

    Need a little extra scent in your load of laundry? This all natural laundry booster can be scented in your favorite Bare Bath scent to provide a little more throw for your clothes or sheets. Your friends will be asking what "perfume" you...

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  • Laundry Soap

    Are you looking for a natural alternative to laundry detergent? We hand shave bars of coconut oil soap to create our all-natural laundry soap! Plus, only use the bare minimum (three tablespoons to be exact) to have a long-lasting aroma after each load...

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  • Laundry Spray

    An all- natural replacement for dryer sheets! Dryer sheets are coated with chemicals that can hurt your respiratory health and ultimately your dryer. We use the bare minimum ingredients to provide a safe static- fighting and fabric softening laundry...

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